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Freelance Web Designer in London.

I create tailored websites for businesses of all shapes and sizes, in the UK and around the world. Sites of eye-catching beauty that that can be accessed effortlessly by any device, anytime. Style has always been mobile.

If you want to give your site some much needed finesse, give me a call on 07870 862645 or

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Working with a freelance web designer

Hiring a Freelance Web Designer means you get to work one-on-one and collaboratively with the actual person who is actually working on your website.

This helps ensure your site is right on the money right from the start, with the total flexibility to make any changes you need any time you like.  Just pick up the phone and you’re speaking to me — your personal designer – not an agency secretary.

What to expect from a Boshanka website?

  • A perfectly functioning, mobile friendly website
  • SEO optimised to help you attain a natural high rank in Google
  • Award winning Content Management with WordPress
  • Fast loading and well optimised code

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